Quantum Intrusions

No substantive evidence has demonstrated that ghostly sounds or hazy shapes floating in the air have the power to harm anyone, beyond raising heartrates. Still, reports of unexplained events persist. Visits from loved ones after they’ve passed, objects that move during the night or when no one is watching. Is it demonic activity? Is there a dimension that rests close by our world serving as a holding cell for the deceased?

Or might there be other explanations? Quantum parallels, multiverses that mirror our own and sometimes even intrude? Does the “Mandela Effect” support such an overlap? Do people float between different realities, moving from one familiar life to another, nearly identical place and time? Are you one of those who remember the Berenstein Bears, or was it always Berenstain? Did Nelson Mandela die in 2013, or was it 1985?

Here’s some food for thought: do quantum particles actually travel through time?